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Big Change...

We consider this band a family, which is pretty easy since that is the main composition of the band consists of three siblings. We've played the greatest shows for the greatest music lovers out there. We've shared many memorable moments with each other and we wouldn't have it any other way. However, while reflecting on the past allows us to cherish those memories, we still look towards the future and are eager to see where life takes us.

With that said, the band has undergone a major change. Justin, Groove Master and Ace Bassist, has decided to step away from the band. Opportunities have opened up for Justin that require his utmost attention and dedicated focus. While we are sad to see him depart, we support his decision 100%. In life, you need to do what is best for you and the ones you love. We know that this decision did not come lightly and was extremely emotional for everyone.

As this chapter of the band has come to a close, we looked towards writing the next one. And on that, we want to welcome our new bass player, Pat Allen. Pat has been in the music scene for the last 11 years, formerly of Mans Red Fire and Trust Fall. We are looking forward to what's to come.

JUSTIN: We all love you very much. You were an integral part of what made the band what it is today and we are fortunate to have shared the stage with you. You won't be able to get rid of us (you know, because of being one of the siblings, and all). More importantly, you will never be far from our hearts. We wish you the absolute best going forward and, again, love you with all our hearts!

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