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Origin:  Methuen, MA


Genres:  Rock, Hard Rock, Metal


Years Active:  2011 - Present


Label:  ???



Short Bio

Taken is a rock band from Methuen, MA, formed in 2011 by guitarist Joe Ward and vocalist Jess Morrison.  Although they were in separate bands, they discovered that Jess's vocal style blended well with Joe's hard rock guitar background.  After several years and a few member changes, Jess's two brothers joined the fold, with Justin Morrison on bass guitar and Madison Morrison on drums.  The band also added Chris Gagne on guitar, who had previously worked with Jess in her prior band, to round out the group. With backgrounds in hard rock, progressive rock, alternative rock, metal, and even grindcore, Taken weaves among a variety of styles to create the sound that fans have come to know and love.

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OFFICIAL Music Video for "A Better Tomorrow"

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